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Taste of Plenty

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Taste of Plenty is the "food tour" specialist division of Mount Classic Tours Ltd which has been providing tours and experiences to thousands of happy customers since 2001. Originally started by Susana and Karen, two dedicated "foodies" in 2014, now under new ownership, Taste of Plenty continues their legacy with dedicated specialist guides who will not only take you to taste the produce our region offers, but also to meet the people behind the products so that you can truly understand their story.


We are located in the Bay of Plenty, a region aptly named by Captain James Cook back in 1769 for its abundance of food supplies and bountiful Maori gardens. Today the region, along with all of New Zealand, is home to a food culture that celebrates freshness and flavour.

Our aim is to introduce you to some of our favourite local food heroes as we visit and sample innovative food from restaurants, markets, specialty food shops and hole in the wall production facilities, many that you would never find on your own.

Our tours are for small groups usually, from 6 to 14 persons, but we can cater for larger groups if needed.

Join us on a unique, delicious culinary adventure as we take you off the “eaten” track.

Courtesy of Debbie Griffiths - Travel Presenter

Courtesy of Alexia Santamaria - Travel Writer

Who takes our tours

Anyone who loves food mixed with a little history and insider tips on discovering the great bounty this region has to offer.

  • Locals re-discovering their local area, getting to know amazing local food providers, producers, and innovative chefs and their cuisine.

  • Visiting food lovers from out-of-town or overseas who want to learn about the local food.

  • Corporate Christmas events, team-building, co-workers, clubs and other groups.

  • Celebrations - Hens and Bucks events, birthdays, family reunions or any other reason to celebrate you can think of!!

  • Friends getting together for a fun and delicious time with plenty of laughs!


Private Tours

Taste of Plenty Tours would be delighted to help you plan a fabulous private and customised culinary experience for your group.

  • We can plan an exclusive and private experience to suit you.

  • Private tours are fully customizable - from tasting locations to duration of the tour.

  • They will create lasting memories with family and friends, or any group of foodies.

  • Great as a gift family, friends or for a business group.

  • They are a chance to relax and enjoy the food, drink and atmosphere without any of the organising hassles.

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